Allied Waste’s Management Trainee Program is for individuals who, with proper exposure, mentoring and career development, will become our managers of tomorrow. The Program's purpose is to develop discipline-specific technical skills needed for new managers to be proficient in the job, and the leadership skills needed to maintain Allied Waste’s future as the leader in the industry.

Management trainees receive cross-functional exposure and development opportunities within all departments during their 18 to 24 month journey into management, as well as opportunities to build organizational competency through an initial 6-week orientation. The training itself is driven by the needs of the sponsoring business group in alignment with key strategic pillars of the organization.

In order to achieve the maximum return on investment from the management trainee program, each trainee is guided by their business unit district manager for direction and support, an Allied Waste mentor & instructor for career and personal guidance, and the Learning & Performance partner for training expertise and technical assistance. These individuals offer guidance and support to the trainee as well as provide advice for the continuous improvement of the process.

Each individual has a distinct role:

Trainee – As primary owner of the process, the management trainee actively transfers knowledge and applies learning to various situations during the program and afterward on the job.
Sponsor – Typically the Business Unit District Manager, this individual provides the trainee with individualized projects and/or tasks supporting business unit goals, management’s core competencies, and company strategic objectives.
Mentor / Instructor – Serving as a leadership role model and confidant during and after the process, mentors and instructors from the various business units enable the trainee to achieve maximum benefit from on-the-job training rotations.
Learning & Performance Partner – As HR expert, the Learning & Performance staff partners with all the stakeholders to develop, maintain, evaluate, and improve the management trainee learning experience. The person also schedules and facilitates formal assessments to monitor trainee progress in the program.

Management trainees are expected to deliver results through multiple training projects completed during the course of their program. Trainees will construct their own individual development plan for review by management and use the plan as a roadmap for success in the program. When all training projects and developmental milestones are achieved, management trainees are eligible to apply for entry-level management positions. These positions require geographic relocation and include various business models.


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