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Capacity Building

What is capacity-building and why is it important to non-profits?

Capacity-building is any activity that strengthens an organization’s performance and impact. Non-profits, faith-based and community organizations can better serve their communities through capacity-building activities focused on at least (5) critical areas:

leadership development Leadership Development: Examples: volunteer training, board functions and development, and staff development.
organization development Organization Development: Examples: board governance, fiscal controls, non-profit incorporation, (501(c)3), HR, technical assistance.
enhancing programs Programs/Services: Examples: monitoring, evaluating outcomes, designing or enhancing programs to better serve and impact people.
funding development Funding or Resource Development: Examples: financial sustainability, grant writing, and finding donors.

community mapping and assessment Community Engagement: Examples: community mapping and community needs assessment.

The Noble Groups specializes in helping non-profits build their capacity.

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