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Faith-Based Development , cont.

We specialize in complete development solutions - all to help increase your faith capital!

In Biblical times three groups of people communicated to the people on behalf of God: the priests who communicated the law, the prophets communicated the divine word and visions, and the sages or elders who gave counsel to the people. The sages provided the practical application of godly wisdom to specific problems and decisions. Just as the sages provided godly counsel to deal successfully with the practical affairs of everyday life: how to relate to God, parents, children, and neighbors, so do modern day sages provide practical instruction for God’s people on how to deal with business, community, and government. We call them strategists. Some would argue whether a strategy concerning faith-building through business, community and government is even necessary. Ministry success comes to those who know it is.

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Article content derived from Study of Proverbs, King James Version Study Bible.

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