Grant-writing Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Noble Groups “write themselves” in for a percentage of the grant, or get paid to work on grant projects based upon whether or not we get the grant?

Answer: No; The Noble Groups is a hands-on strategy development consulting team that provides your organization with best practices, programs, strategies and procedures to be able to attract and compete for funding. We have been successful because we don’t just write proposals, we develop best practices program and organizational strategies and put them to work inside your organization to position your organization to attract support from grants and other funding sources. Therefore, we do not work for a percentage of the grant, nor is our payment contingent upon your organization receiving a grant. Like other professional services, payment is due at the time services are rendered.

Does The Noble Groups guarantee us that we will be awarded a grant or “free money”?

Answer: No; only the funding organizations’ board and grant review teams determine the organizations that will receive awards. Our job is to help your proposal compete in the process and help your organization set itself in position to win before and during the competition. In competitive grants, no grant-writer can ever guarantee an organization will be funded.

What services are included in the grant-writing process?

Answer: We provide:

  • Grant funding research
  • New proposal development
  • Existing proposal review and/or re-development
  • Entire program development
  • Program evaluation & grant monitoring

The Noble Groups helps you wherever you are in the process. We make recommendations to clients about what we see as their strengths and weaknesses and we formulate a plan of action to build on the strengths and eliminate or minimize the weaknesses. Whether clients want us to review their existing proposals or develop entirely new programs and/or proposals to compete, we develop a plan of action based on mutually agreed upon client needs and service deliverables.

What are the fees for writing grant proposals

Answer: Our fees are based on the specific project requirements, so they may vary from $499 to review a proposal to $1,500 and up to write a non-government project. Government projects we write usually start at $2,599 and up. Clients can engage us in a one-time proposal that they will later modify themselves, or they can purchase monthly subscriptions that include on-going grant-writing and capacity-building services for non-profits that have an on-going strategy for achieving sustainability. The two options: BizComplete™ Monthly Subscriptions and One-Time Project Assistance can be viewed in detail by clicking on these links.

Does The Noble Groups provide in-kind or volunteer work?

Answer: All our clients receive free and/or discounted services, which are leveraged to build the organization’s capacity. Since inception, we have provided over 5,000 hours of in-kind service and/or volunteer time to organizations in our communities.

Can our church get a grant to build or buy a church building?

Answer: Not unless you find a funding organization whose philosophy is to build church buildings. However, there are many ways churches can find funding to perform community-building activities, ie. Activities that serve to improve upon societal ills inflicting the community, including economical, emotional health and well-being, and educational needs of the people.