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Customize a plan to fit your organization’s needs and budget!
Receive access to The Noble Groups for strategy recommendations and a variety of development services. Services include any of the following up to the maximum # of hours in your subscription plan. Contact us if you’re interested in a plan with more than 24 hours.
Up to 10 hours max per month*
Up to 32 hours max per month*
Up to 48 hours max per month*
  • Organizational Strategy Development
development services
organizational development
strategy development
  • Business Plan Development
business plans
create business plans
houston business plans
  • Grant Proposal Development
grant proposals
grant proposal development
houston grant proposals
  • Funding Strategy Development
houston funding strategy
funding methods
funding research and contacts
  • Performance Scorecards & Metrics
performance metrics scorecards
business performance measurements
houston business performance
  • Sales & Marketing Plans and/or Media Toolkits
sales marketing plans
media toolkits
houston sales plans
  • Performance-based Incentive & Compensation Plans
performance incentives
compensation plans
employee compensation plans
  • Employee Performance Review & Performance Management
employee performance reviews
business performance management
houston business management
  • Employee Training & Development with Measurable Results
houston employee training
houston employee development
employee results
  • HR, Payroll & Benefits Questions
hr assistants and temp
payroll assistance
small business benefits
  • Business Process Technology Implementation Strategy
small business computer solutions
technical implementation strategy
houston computer consulting services
  • Web Site Design
houston web design services
web site design services
web hosting services
  • Custom logo & Marketing Designs
small business logos
marketing designs
logos and graphics design services
  • Research on industry best practices.
industry best practices
houston best practices
business industry research
Free Products and Services
Access alerts, information, & reports coming to The Noble Groups.
Written original products provided on CD or via e-mail.
24/7 access to web-based online tools & branded office space*
Subscription Prices & Notes
* Most written products are placed on CD and sent via e-mail. Hardcopy is only a last resort. Multiple copies of written products, printing & distribution costs are not included in these quotes. Prices are subject to change; all fees shown are month-to-month, unless separate written contract is signed by both parties. All consultation meetings are via phone or local in the Houston-Metropolitan area. These cost estimates do not include travel to outside areas or other reimbursable incidental expenses charged and agreed to in advance by the client. Contract substitutions are allowed by mutual written consent only. Web site exclusions apply. Web-based online tools & office space is limited to 1 user per company and is subject to change or be discontinued based upon contract availability. Additional user $20 per month.
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